Friday, May 30, 2008

I think i'm becoming nocturnal!

Oops! Where has the time gone again? I haven't written on here for ages.
I,ve been busy making wooden birds and hares, planning 3 greeting card designs and painting an owl, which I haven't photographed yet, so will hopefully be put on in the next few days. My camera is not behaving itself at the moment and sometimes gives me a horrid black smudge on the pictures. I am thinking of treating myself to a new one which will help me capture instances such as these raindrops above with better clarity. If you could only smell them, they are divine, I can't pass them on my garden path without having a sniff!
I can't believe I am wide awake at this time! The children are on half term again and I've been bad, sleeping in late. Tommorow we are off to the seaside for the day ( hubby has the day off) maybe I'll fall asleep in the car ???

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blue skies and polar bears

If I had to choose a favourite time of year, right now I would say May. Warm days , blue skies and apple blossom. The garden has been transformed into a 'fairie kingdom'. The air is perfumed with cowslips, forgetmenots, bluebells, white bells, cowparsley and honeysuckle.
Gentle breezes filled with birdsong blow petal snow onto a daisy covered lawn.
Amid all these joys of spring, my mind has been far away in a land of ice, creating bears.